Sunday, 13 March 2011

Titan - Peak Cavern Through Trip

With Martyn G (TSG member, showing us the way), Nimrod and Adrian.

Titan hasn't got any smaller. Unfortunately everybody's lights have become brighter though...

Once we were all back on the (under)ground at the bottom of Titan, the rest of the trip was great fun! There is such a variety of obstacles (crawls, climbs, traverses, ladders, streamway, boulder chokes, mine passage) that the caving is always interesting and exciting and never boring. We took a side trip to visit Speedwell Main Rising and the Bathing Pool (both very impressive sump pools) before contnuing downstream, through the aptly named Colostomy Crawl and out past the tourists in Peak Cavern. An absolute classic!

Time Underground: 4.5 hrs

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