Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Few Random Trips

Not too much underground owing to various heinous surface-based activities, but a few trips to report.

5th May: Swinsto Hole with Tony and Kathryn, 2 hrs T/U

12th May: Took Kathryn's dad and sister down Moel Fferna, 2 hrs T/U:
A monster sized cavern in Moel Fferna

They seemed to enjoy it I think. It's a good place to take people when you understand the grid-like layout because, with all the random turnings you can take, it can feel very remote to anybody who doesn't know the place, even though you're only 10 minutes away from the entrance!

3rd June: Lancaster Hole to Cape Kennedy with Kathryn, Jess, Alex and a random RRCPC member called Paul, 3.5 hrs T/U. We'd run out of time when we last tried to find Cape Kennedy so it was nice to finally get there, with no route finding issues. Paul showed us the alternative climb down near the top of the 88ft pitch which is much more pleasant. Cape Kennedy itself is a lovely pristine chamber full of stalagmites. Shortly afterwards is the Fire Hydrant (a large calcite boss), with a calcified bat nearby, and after that is a lovely chamber full of straws. Well worth the trip.

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