Sunday, 30 January 2011

Giant's Hole

Our caving gear was very muddy from our last trip down Lancaster Hole. In order to clean it, and because Richard was visiting, we decided to head down Giant's Hole and try and get to the bottom.

The three of us made good time through the entrance series, down Garland's Pot and through the Crabwalk. The next section was new for us all and was a confusing mess of small passages which didn't seem to make much sense, but we somehow emerged in the stream once more, having bypassed the sump. The 'bad step' traverse, Geology Pot and the two short pitches below were all rigged already so it didn't take us long to get down. The Far Curtain duck was a 'one wet ear' job which would be fine were it not for that fact that the water was hideously cold. We got thoroughly drenched again at the Spout Chamber climb. Given the water temperature, we decided that swimming in East Canal would be far too unpleasant without wetsuits, thank you very much. So out we headed to complete the round trip and eat cake in Castleton.

Estimated Time Underground: 3.5 hours

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