Sunday, 13 February 2011

Yorkshire Dales

We headed up to the BPC hut near Horton-in-Ribblesdale to meet up with CUCC once more; 12th-13th February.

Washfold Pot
On Saturday Bela, Adrian, Aiora and I were supposed to be rigging down Washfold, with another team heading in later to derig. It didn't quite work out as planned. Aiora managed to fall down the entrance climb (somehow she didn't break herself too much!), Adrian turned back at the rather nasty climb into the flat out squeeze, and ~30m further on I bottled it when attempting to rig the big pitch and decided that it was probably too wet, but definitely too scary. So out we headed. Annoyingly, the other group did go down the pitch, so I was just being a wuss! Nobdoy made it to the bottom though, so it seems that we all have unfinished business with this cave and a return match is warranted.
T.U. 2 hrs

Long Churn
Having some spare time after Washfold we wandered over to Long Churn for a quick splash.
T. U. 30 mins

Jingling Hole
A cold rainy Sunday saw us trudging up the side of Kingdale to Jingling. Olaf was learning to rig, so I followed him down the Lateral Cleft route. Meanwhile, Kathryn, Bela and Gareth did the straight hang and we swapped over at the bottom. Good fun!
T. U. 1.5 hrs

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