Saturday, 19 February 2011

Penarth Slate Mine


Penarth Slate Mine/Quarry is just a few miles along the valley from Moel Fferna in the Llangollen area of North Wales. Kathryn and I decided that it was probably worth a visit. It is in fact very similar in character to Moel Fferna, but with slightly smaller chambers. There was a confusing mess of junctions, rubble slopes down to the lower level, chambers and passages; almost enough to make us feel like we might get lost, even though we were never more than 10-15 mins from the entrance. There were some interesting artifacts left behind: plenty of rail tracks, including an incline and associated cogs and gears, an old rail carriage and some tools.

Kathryn's silhouette at the entrance

Railway tracks

One of the largest chambers

T/U A very pleasant 1.5 hrs

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